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A new look to our Lounge ……

This week see’s the new look of our Lounge, with more of a cafe style look next to the window, and the sofa’s moved to create a cosy area… some tweaking and sorting still to be done, but we hope it will be more inviting to people as they walk past. .  We are very aware of the social isolation in our communities, as highlighted in the recent ROC conversations, and have always seen the Lounge as a place to make friends, but we know how hard it can be to make that first step through any doorway… Comments and thoughts on our new look are welcome along with ideas of what you as a visitor would like to see happening in the Lounge…

And please keep sharing our opening times and details with neighbours, friends and people you meet in the street/on the bus etc, with anyone who you think would appreciate making new friends over a free cuppa….




News from the Link ….

We have been asking our Link visitors for their thoughts and ideas on ways we could improve.  One of the suggestions was for a women’s hour, for those who are not so comfortable in a predominantly male environment, with taking a shower and for any other practical needs. This now happens on a Tuesday after we have closed as and when required.  The other big suggestion is to be open for longer and or more days…..

In the future …

We’re hoping to set up a new arrangement with the local street pastors for joint training sessions and hopefully to work together,  we’ll keep you posted….

Roc Action Group…..

On the 20th March the follow up ROC Action Group meeting took place at the Rockingham Road, Baptist Church. The 3 community issues that are being looked at for Kettering are:

  1. Places for youth to go
  2. Homelessness
  3. Social Isolation – all ages

Part of our management team are involved in the Homelessness action group, initially helping to draw the local homeless charities together.  We will keep the updates coming….

Volunteers Needed…..

As already mentioned, we would like to open up on other days/and or increase the hours on the days we are open, however to do this we need more volunteers!….  If you know of anyone, or would like to volunteer yourself, we have made it easier by embedding part of our volunteer form onto this website.  Simply click here and scroll down the page!  Or if you would rather speak to someone, please ring John White on 0777 458 1562 for an initial chat.


Such a beautiful time of year, here’s something nice to look at and breathe…….

Are you an Ebayer?….. 

We are now registered with PayPal Giving and eBay for Charity, which makes it easy to donate to the KJC anytime you make a purchase on-line with eBay.  All you need to do is first make us a favourite charity of your choice, so here’s how…

  1. Visit our charity page.
  2. Then click save as my favourite! Jobs done….!

Next time you go to your checkout page the Kettering Jesus Centre should appear on the bottom left hand side, so you always have the option to donate, all you then need to do is state the amount, and eBay and PayPal do the rest!

To donate with PayPal Giving click here and it will take you direct to our Giving page… The blue £amount boxes were not chosen by us, so please click on the other amount box and feel free to give what you can, every little helps… and also please remember to add gift aid…

Likewise do you sell items on eBay?

…And like the idea of being able to give a percentage of your sales to the Kettering Jesus Centre?  Simply add us as your favourite charity by visiting our charity page on eBay where you can learn more about selling for charity.  Check out the Help and FAQ page which is a useful read for any seller who wants to support their favourite charity.

And last but not least a BIG Thank you to all who give to us!…

We continue to be blessed with people’s generosity and support.  As well as from Kettering we have people supporting us in Thrapston, Denford, Pytchley, Orlingbury and Desborough! (apologies if we’ve missed anyone out!)  The response from the Facebook community has been wonderful to our recent requests for ladies underwear!

Recently we have acquired a shed, so that will enable us to store more items in a dry area, thank you to our wonderful maintenance brother Paul for setting too, in putting up the shelving ready for us to fill!….

We greatly appreciate and value your support in any way that you can give, be it encouragement, time, prayer, money, likes, gifts in kind,  shares, visits, ideas, comments,… every little bit truly does help…

Our love, thanks, peace and blessings to you all.



Published 17th April 2019


  1. Jean Bye says:

    Oh wow brilliant, lovely caring, a great advert for such a wonderful organisation, hope more people think the same an share xx

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