Kettering Jesus Centre takes shape

The building work on the Kettering Jesus Centre continues! The telephone line will go in soon, the carpets should be going down by end of the month as will the chairlift, CCTV and computer network/free WiFi.

Meanwhile, our volunteers are finding their places and we are running induction courses.

The room with the blue carpeted floor is the staff-only area for various storage.

The green painted room is going to be ‘The Link’ (drop-in/step-up) and the darker, orangey area is upstairs where we intend to have computers available to service-users.

The lighter, pinkish, coloured area is downstairs and hopefully will be more fully developed at a later date to become our tea-room ‘The Lounge’. In the meantime it will be a greeting area and for hosting other social activities/classes.

Published 22nd January 2018

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