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An update on the Kettering Jesus Centre

WE’RE looking forward to opening the Kettering Jesus Centre. We received competitive quotes for the work needed on the building and the costs were a lot higher than expected. After much discussion we settled on reducing the amount of conversion work on the Ground Floor. The Servery and Food Preparation areas have gone. We can consider them again in the future. This leaves us with a much clearer space in what was the Tea Room and we will now equip as a lounge. It also reduces the number of volunteers we will need initially. But, ideally, lots of you will drop in when you can and create a really welcoming atmosphere.

Our drop-in area will be called ‘The Link’ and will remain as originally proposed. In the staff area we still have the laundry and dishwashing facilities. We’ve got a small grant enabling us to build some storage cupboards, etc.


Are you planning on volunteering? We shall open the lounge and ‘The Link’ initially on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Can you help? Heather, Patrick or John would love to hear from you. You can contact us on .


Our record on attendance at our training courses is impressive. Thank you for your support. Our last main training event before we open will be our Induction Course. We do need to ensure that all our volunteers get involved in this so we’ll run the course as many different times as it’s needed. The content is then geared to our situation. Members of our team will present it.

The building work should be finished by end of December. The partition across the tea room has gone and the ramp is in position. In ‘The Link’, the basic stud work for the shower and toilet is in place and the work is ready for pluming and electrics first fix.

Other fitting out

We’ve ordered our telephone lines (two of them) and internet. We have finalised the estimates for the Stairlift, CCTV and computer network. We’re looking at carpets, curtains and furnishings. We’re organising the TV display for the lounge, a projector for the drop-in, a DECT phone System, four computers and much more.

Watch this space!

Published 1st December 2017

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